Parani Bluetooth Intercom Devices – FAQ

Why do I need a Bluetooth Intercom Device?

A bluetooth intercom device is highly recommended on rides. You can enjoy riding with music & talk on the phone hands-free. On group rides you can also communicate with other riders making it a fun ride. It also helps giving a heads up to riders behind or in front of any obstacles, road blocks etc.

What is Parani M10 Motorcycle Intercom?

The Parani M10 is made for easy & simple communication. Connect the M10 to your smartphone over Bluetooth® to take advantage of features like music streaming and phone calls while on the road. With an effective range of up to 1 km, Bluetooth Intercom allows you to communicate with up to three other Parani users.

How long does the battery last?

The battery can hold up for at least 5 hours.

What is the talk time on Parani M10?

The talk time on Parani M10 Devices is 8 hours.

How many riders can the device be connected to?

You can connect up to 3 more riders

Are there any other models available other than the Parani M10?

Yes, there is Parani A10 & A20 Available.

Are the devices waterproof?

The devices are water-resistant, charging ports need to remain closed while riding in the rain.

How do I install the Parani device to my helmet?

Visit Parani User Guides for a step-by-step process.

Are all helmets Bluetooth compatible?

Helmets have to be checked if they are Bluetooth compatible to be able to accommodate any Bluetooth intercom devices.

Would you recommend these devices for entry level or professional riders?

Parani devices are best suitable for entry level bikers as they go easy on your pocket as well as are best suited for new bikers who are at a learning stage & like to test & understand new accessories in motorcycling.

What is the warranty on Parani devices?

2 Years

Read about the main differences in the three models of Parani here

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