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A Paddock Stand is a piece of metal machinery that keeps a motorcycle stable while it is stationary. The paddock-stand for both front and rear wheels uses axle bolts to keep the motorcycle stable. It has wheels on one side. Once you are secured to the axle bolts, you can simply push and the paddock position will lift the wheel down, while the motorcycle is tight.

First, using a paddock stand means one or both wheels are free. Put the motorcycle in the middle and you can freely rotate the rear wheel. This is useful if you want to clean the chain of your motorcycle and lubricate it.

It is a lock mode where unless you drag the frame up again, the bike will be supported in the parking lot and will not move at any time. So be safe to use them. One can use a paddock stand for many purposes and it has various advantages over a large regular bicycle stand, the different types of paddock stands are - cup style, bobbin style, single-sided swing arms