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Cardo Systems is the world’s one of the best motorcycle bluetooth intercom that lets you connect in duos, group of 4 or packs up to 15 riders. Cardo units are designed to decrease air resistance and reduce turbulence. Cardo – JBL partnership delivers the ultimate sound experience. It lets you stream all the music you’ve ever wanted straight from your smartphone.

Merge any bluetooth intercom with your mesh group conversations. Switch the device from DMC to Bluetooth mode to work like a high end bluetooth system. No need to worry about downpours, snow storms, dust or mud. A 2-year warranty gives you peace of mind no matter which path you choose. Popular models among Cardo intercoms are Cardo Packtalk, Freecom and Spirit.

The Cardo PackTalk Edge is the successor to the wildly popular and best seller Cardo PackTalk Bold JBL Headset. With added new features, such as Air Mount and Over-the-air software updates. It also comes with 2nd Gen Dynamic Mesh Communication and Bluetooth 5.2. The 2nd generation DMC offers unmatched intercom sound quality, easy pairing, and strong performance.

At the top of Cardo’s Freecom range sits the Freecom 4X. It connects up to 4 riders within a range of 0.75 miles and using voice commands (natural voice operation), this device offers great functionality in a sleek and compact design.

The Cardo Spirit intercom is a great choice for riders looking for a solo or 2-up Bluetooth communication device. With two channels for connecting to a phone and GPS unit, you’ll be able to listen to music and take calls while on the ride.