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Furygan India, is originaly a French brand that manufactures high-performance riding jackets, boots, gloves & race suits. For more than 45 years, Furygan has been constantly innovating so that they can improve the efficiency, comfort & performance of their riding gear.

In the craftsmanship lies the brand’s trademark and all the skins and other materials are transported from South America or Italy for manufacturing of Furygan riding gear. They are used for making jackets, race suits, pants, and gloves for which the process goes so systematically through the nîmoise factory where they are controlled and cut with precision.

Innovation, high spirit, and passion for leatherwork drive the brand and leads towards technical and technological advances that save the lives of many bikers, but above all this determination

Furygan India believes in the absolute necessity of pure material, which can actually help with the smoothness of a product and hence provide a seamless experience to the riders in all their riding gear may it be a Furygan jacket, boots, gloves whatever.

Also, the products are manufactured in a strict control process which is monitored by one of the industries finest. The jackets are mostly made up of premium quality leather which accounts for their durability.

Also, their riding gear thrives towards being technologically advanced by features such as Bluetooth and exhausts to keep the riders cool while driving.