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<h1>Vredestein Tyres</h1>
<p>Vredestein Tyres has been a pioneering force in the tyre industry since 1910, when we produced our first bicycle tyre. From then on, our goal has been to engineer tyre products that break records, win gold medals, and reinvent what safe and seamless driving can be.</p>
<p>Design thinking is at the forefront of every new tyre we create. We push the boundaries of tyre design to engineer products that enhance both vehicle ability and aesthetic, establishing a new benchmark for future tyre technology with every new release. Driven to adapt to the mobility needs of today with the high-performance tyre technology of tomorrow. Our focus is on leading drivers and their vehicles to experience driving at its full potential, whether they’re cycling, commuting, or operating agricultural equipment.</p>
<p>Centauro NS tire technology celebrates the sporty soul within each of us by delivering the best road performance. With its dual compound technology and multi-radii profile, this tire offers exceptional adherence, durability, and safe riding in both dry and wet conditions. Its sophisticated silica-based compounds are innovative and provide a new level of performance. The tire is designed with specific specifications, including a rear position, 190 width, 55 aspect ratio, and 17 rim diameter. It features radial-ply construction, denoted by the R in the construction specification.</p>