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Bike Air Filters

Allow your bike to breathe freely with bike air filters from BMC, DNA, K&N & more. Air Filters are available for Kawasaki, Honda, KTM, Ducati, BMW, Royal Enfield & more.

BMC Air Filters are made with a proprietary molding process that results in a truly seamless part. These panel / cylindrical air filters are installed in the original airbox of the vehicle to replace the OEM air filter. The distinctive red rubber is pliable and conformable, ensuring an airtight seal within your air box. Low viscosity oil-soaked multi-layered cotton gauze is used to filter out particulates as small as 7 microns while increasing overall flow over OEM 10 micron paper elements. All of this is protected from petrol fumes and oxidisation caused by air humidity by an epoxy coated alloy mesh.

Increase the efficiency of the air entering your engine to increase the power output.