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A riding suit is the second most basic and yet essential safety gear that motorcycle riders should consider having. These riding suits are commonly made from excellent quality leather and other materials.

Race suits are full protective apparel which renders the need for a separate riding jacket or pants. These racing suits started manufacturing in the early 90s when bike riding was at its peak. 

It protects a rider against almost everything that comes in their way, like bad weather, dust, grime, stones, etc. Also, these suits are manufactured with great care and laden with technology. 

The material is rough and it allows room for essential movement so that if there is a need for any sudden gesture like a brake, the texture or girth do not hassle with it.  

Racing suits offer the best in terms of protection, it keeps you fixed in the saddle without any unnecessary production and protects the rider in case of fall or impact by providing essential support to crucial areas. 

They provide enough flexibility and room for the rider to be comfortable and breathe properly so that they can focus on the track, but at the same time, racing suits have other properties like flame or heat resistance to protect the rider in case of a fire. 

Some of our best riding suits are - Dainese Assen 2 1 Piece Perforated Leather Riding Suit, Rs Taichi Clear Riding Rain Suit, and Dainese Laguna Sec 4 1 PC Leather Riding Suit.