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  • Full Face Helmet: This is the best type of helmet and provides an all round protection. 
  • Open Face Helmet: This helmet provides protection for the skull but leaves the face exposed. This helmet is popular among cruisers, cafe racers, tourers etc.
  • Flip Up/Modular Helmet: Modular helmet give you the best of both worlds i.e. full face helmets and open face helmets. The front part of the helmet can be slided on the top. These helmets are best for riders who find it uncomfortable to use a full face helmets for longer periods.
  • Motocross Helmet: This dirt bike helmet are designed for off roading. It has a front peak and the visor is not a part of this helmet as the riders usually wear goggles for protection.
  • Dual sport Helmet: Dual sport helmet as the name suggests is used for on road and offroad needs. It has an exterior design that is quite similar to a motocross helmets with padding and comfort just like a full face helmet

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