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Modular helmets are also known as Flip-Up helmets which are a combination of both open-face helmets and full-face helmets. This helmet is most suitable for riders who find it uncomfortable to use a full-face helmet for longer periods and occasionally need some fresh air while riding.

These types of helmets can open at the chin bar while rotating it upwards and thereby exposing the face of the rider. This unique design of the modular helmets is what sets it aside from the other helmets.

Modular helmets play a crucial part in protecting a rider's skull which often reduces the risk of death while driving to 42% and the reason for this is the polystyrene foam in the inner shell which absorbs the shock in an accident. 

Hence the use of a helmet while riding a two-wheeler is mandatory in most countries.

We offer the best modular helmets from top brands around the globe like HJC, SHOEI, Schuberth, Bell, LS2, etc. These helmets are safe and certified with credentials such as ECE, DOT, SNELL, and ISI. These helmets come in beautiful designs and are available online in India at the best prices.