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R&G Racing

R&G, A Brand that has over the years mastered the art of manufacturing and selling bike accessories for crash protection. It is a leader in crash protection and motorcycle accessories which have been achieved through years of training and research to find material and then components that could deliver a certain degree of sturdiness.

Some of the materials which are used in the manufacturing and designing of various accessories that come to great importance in a bike are – aircraft-grade aluminium, polypropylene, and high-density polyethylene. R&G Manufacturers develops various accessories like frame sliders (crash protectors), Radiator guards, oil cooler guards, Tail tidy etc.

Radiator Guards

Radiator guards improves the look of the bike and help to protect the expensive and vulnerable radiator from flying debris. It’s made from pressed aluminium and feature a neat and seamless pattern. These are bike specific and are Simple to mount utilizing OEM mounts without modifications.

Frame Sliders

Frame sliders also called as the crash protectors are very important to protect the bikes body work and Engine in the event of a fall. It offers core motorcycle protection, keeping the frame, engine and other critical components off the ground in the event of a crash, drop or slide. It features the new stylish and aerodynamic Aero Bobbins.

Tail Tidy

Tail Tidy eliminates the big bulky OEM fenders while transforming the appearance of the bike.

Choose bike specific accessories from r&g racing for brands like Kawasaki, Triumph, Ducati & more.