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R&G -

R&G is a company that has over the years mastered the art of manufacturing and selling accessories for bikes that protect them against a crash.

It is a leader in crash protection and motorcycle accessories which have been achieved through years of training and research to find material and then components that could deliver a certain degree of sturdiness.

Some of the materials which are used in the manufacturing and designing of various accessories that come to great importance in a bike are – aircraft-grade aluminum, polypropylene, and high-density polyethylene.

R&G develops various accessories like crash bars, bar end sliders, engine case covers, frame sliders, radiator guards, and more. Also, the best part about the brand is that they let you customize your accessories needs according to the motorcycle you own or are planning on it.

The whole focal concept of manufacturing these are to make sure that with yourself even your bike does not suffer if met with a bad accident, as in the case of skidding for example, along with the driver the vehicle can also become pretty beaten up like scratched paint job and much more.

So to protect your precious motorcycle against such a cruel event, it is considered to be quite essential to install a crash guard or similar protective instruments.

The philosophy of the brand stems from rigorous research and testing regularly to point out the faults and improving them so that their customers can receive the best of service and understand that sports should come with safety.