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Riding jackets are made from technically good materials which are tried, tested, and experimented with, to make sure that they'll be able to survive the worst of situations.They also provide overall protection to the rider with comfort and ease of movement while making for a good sporting look and being able to tolerate the test of weather so can also be used on adventurous impromptu trips.

A lot of brands manufacture riding jackets to be worn all through the year irrespective of the season, which has a rugged look for the outer material and supports a well-structured ventilation system so that it doesn't become unbearably hot during summers. 

These riding jackets come with inbuilt impact protectors, so that if there is a case of any unfortunate accident the rib cage of the biker is well protected, or else he/she may suffer from internal bleeding due to a fractured rib.

Due to the old notion that riding jackets need to be heavy and cushioned, many bikers used to have issues while riding, so some brands took the initiative to break through those stereotypes and come up with a new technology design that allows the jackets to be lightweight and yet can provide the same level of protection. 

Riding Jackets are very essential for all types of riders as they essentially protect their vital organs, especially for the ones that drive at a high speed on smooth tracks and also the ones that take adventurous trips on rough terrains.

Some of the popular brands in bike jackets are Tarmac, Rynox, BBG, DSG & more. Top sellers are the Tarmac Corsa 2023 Edition, RS Taichi Explorer Kompass