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Lightech is a manufacturer of motorcycle parts that are used in racing sports, it is one of the top leading manufacturing firms that provide technical support to race bikes and help in enhancing the performance of these bikes on tracks.

They develop components for bikes that race in some of the best-known racing events like MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3. These components of racing bikes can often be minutely sized and are easily negligible, but prove to be essential and has a huge effect on the overall performance of a bike during a race.

Lightech is an Italy-based company and its goal has been to provide bikes with the best possible components so that even small changes can prove to create a huge difference in the experience of a rider of a bike.

It is especially important for frequent riders who ride at a higher level of speed as it can prove to be a remnant of the parts of a motorcycle. Some of the components that Lightech sells are – Break and lever guards, Kit protectors, Frame Slider and Tankpads.