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A brand from the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycle helmets with the best of safety features and attractive looks. SMK Helmets comes in variety of designs, Graphics, quality and safety while providing the maximum comfort to motorcyclists.

SMK Helmets are designed in Italy and manufactured in India. They are tested with advanced various safety standards, and have been homologated by authorities and organisations of different countries. SMK Helmets are produced with great looks and best safety measures, thus staying firm on the tagline Style & Safety.

SMK Twister full face helmet made using the latest generation materials with maximum safety and comfort. It has an extra wide UV – resistant visor which gives an excellent view of the road. It also comes with ventilation system with multiple air intakes and vents on the chin guard. SMK Twister has features like Retractable sun visor to prevent fogging. lastly these helmets also come with integrated Bluetooth option as an add on.

SMK Titan helmet is a sport touring full face helmet made of abrasion resistant PFT Fiber and composite shell. It has an efficient ventilation system with multiple air vents and air exhausts at the back providing comfort to rider on long journeys and extreme weather conditions. SMK Titan is equipped with an extra wide outer pinlock ready visor and provides great visibility in extreme weather conditions. It also comes with a retractable inner sun visor, super soft fabric liner and wind stopping chin-cuff.

SMK Gullwing is a flip up modular helmet for tours and everyday use. Helmets provides comfortable fit and dynamic outer shell design. The helmet is double homologated P/J as an open face and full face, ensuring maximum safety. A ventilation system designed with vents on top and chin areas offers maximum comfort in all weather conditions. It also comes with retractable sun visor and pinlock ready to avoid fogging.