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Biking Brotherhood Gears

Famously known as BBG, Biking Brotherhood Gears is an Indian safety riding gear manufacturer based out of Chennai that provides riders with different riding gear like riding jackets, pants, gloves, riding boots, racing suits, bags, etc.

Started by veteran bikers with over 20 years of experience, the brand envisions helping other bikers and racers through their journey of discovering and providing them with a safe environment and background to cherish their passion with full safety gear.

The products are carefully produced with innovative technology and are tested to endure rough situations without any wear and tear.

The brand thrives on producing safety gear with stylish designs and at the most affordable prices. Their gears like the BBG riding jacket are sold in various materials like mesh and textile with waterproof abilities.

BBG models like Navigator, xPlorer, Ladakh, Spiti, etc. are available online in India and are some of the best models with technological advancement, affordability, and the capacity to endure dire situations with ease.