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ARROW Exhaust

Arrow were established in 1985 due to a need for high-speed bikes in an era when bikes and races were all the craze. It was established by Giorgio Giannelli as he understood the need and, built an exhaust system that had a quiet finish and could function without heating

The brand changed the scene of racing and people understood the value of good exhausts in race bikes. The breakthrough for the brand took some time, but it finally took flight when it won its first world title by a Belgian racer used in a Honda.

The Arrow Exhausts are very famous and well built, with a cool matte carbon fiber end cone with a muffler that suppresses the sound and makes for a distinctive noise particular to different models.

The muffler outer is also titanium, while the exhaust is E-Approved for noise and emissions, and does use the standard EXUP system.

Some of the best arrow exhaust are – Arrow GP2 dark slip, Header slip, and Pro race slip-on exhaust.