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Slip-on exhausts are a biking accessory that is easy to fit on your in-built exhausts and they help in passing harmful gases like carbon monoxide far from the rider and release it in the air, only after converting the gas to carbon dioxide. 

Exhausts also have many other features and use other than just taking care of poisonous gas, many good quality exhausts also assist in providing an aesthetic sound, which is liked and admired by many riders. 

It is said that every vehicle has a unique sound impression that differentiates vehicles from each other, especially bikes used for races and off-roading produce a very unique sound.   

Aftermath exhausts are also a great way to upgrade your bikes, and it adds a lot of new features and a better experience on the road which makes bikers feel like they are riding a new bike. 

Some of the features that get enhanced from an aftermath exhaust are road efficiency, better fuel use, appearance, increased power, and also looks. Exhausts are mostly made up of materials such as - chrome, steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber.

Some of the best slip-on exhausts for bikes in India are - Akrapovic Carbon Fiber Slip-on Exhaust for Kawasaki NINJA 1000 SX (2020-21), Akrapovic Titanium Black Slip-On Exhaust For Triumph Speed Twin (Dual), and LeoVince GP Duals Full System SS Exhaust for Yamaha MT-09