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Dual sport helmets are a mix of both full-face helmets and motocross helmets. The most notable feature of these helmets are the long peaks and expanded face shields. 

They are particularly useful for riders while off-roading, as they deflect dirt, stones, and other debris. These are best suited for riders who love both the occasional off-roading or the road less traveled and also driving on a smooth highway road.

Bikers can look for some of the safest adventure sports helmets online which have certifications such as ECE, DOT, SNELL, and ISI and are valid in India. 

We offer bikers the best dual sport helmets from top brands like Bell, Airoh, HJC, LS2 that come in great colors and beautiful designs at the best prices.

These kinds of helmets are also recommended for extra protection as they provide the required support to the neck which can prevent a rider from suffering whiplash and damaging their spinal cord in case of an accident.

So, from the safety aspect and also from looks, if anybody is planning on taking a long trip on purpose, they should go for a dual sport helmet as it will fulfill all their needs and even more.