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Waterproof Riding Gloves

Waterproof riding gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any equestrian who rides in wet weather conditions. These gloves are designed to provide protection and comfort to riders during rainy or snowy days, as well as during other wet weather conditions.

Waterproof riding gloves are typically made from high-quality materials which are waterproof and breathable. The waterproof membrane prevents water from entering the gloves, keeping the hands dry and comfortable.

When choosing waterproof riding gloves, it is important to consider the level of protection you need based on the type of riding you do. For example, if you frequently ride in heavy rain, you may want gloves with a higher waterproof rating and more features to keep you dry.

Some of the popular waterproof riding gloves are: Alpinestars SP-365 DRYSTAR, Raida AqDry, RS Taichi Drymaster Kompass