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Motorcycle Windscreens in bikes are a huge benefit for the rider, windscreens provide a barrier between the rider and any element in the atmosphere. It also protects against wind blasts and reduces riding fatigue. 

A bike windshield is an important accessory, after a comfortable saddle, for someone who loves taking the road not taken every once in a while.

Motorcycle windshields are made from either acrylic or polycarbonate, and each material offers its advantages. Impact modified acrylic has a glasslike clarity, while polycarbonate windshields that have been hard coated have high impact and abrasion resistance.

Motorcycle Windshield has a thickness of almost 236″ with a common thickness of. 177″. A larger windshield also provides much-needed protection against rain. It maybe is not going to keep you 100% dry, of course, but it will divert much of the oncoming water up and over your head, and around your chest and shoulders.

Some of the good brands that provide you with Windscreens are Puig, MRA, Ermax, Hot Bodies, Pro Spec & Zero Gravity. Along with protection a windscreen definitely amps up the overall looks of your motorcycle as well. Windscreens are available for Kawasaki ZX-10R, BMW S1000 RR, BMW G 310R, Ducati Panigale & more.