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Shima has been taking care of the riding experience of motorcyclists since 2009 and their loyal patrons hail from all parts of the world.

It was founded out of pure passion and all Shima riding gear are a result of many years of research and experience which have resulted in great comfort, performance, and first of all, developing a strong sense of safety for their customers.

Shima riding gears are refined with precise details and takes care of the fact that the gear fits perfectly well on every motorcyclist like a second skin.

It is also a necessity with riding gear, as sagging or too loose riding gear can hinder the movements of a rider which can result in a fatal accident if actions are not taken at essential moments.

The range of their riding gear combines quality, well-crafted style, and above all the highest level of protection adding courage, confidence, and a sense of uniqueness to the riders.

They have riding gear for every style whether it may be sports, vintage, adventure, or urban, taking a ride in Shima jackets, gloves & boots is always comfortable and safety induced.

Shima also belives in being all inclusive and providing for each and every rider. The only reason for a brand to do this is, so as to they can be flexibile enough to provide biking gears to everyone and make them understand the importance of riding gear while riding a bike, as anytime not being vigilant enough could cause someone their life.