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LS2 as a brand of helmets is designed to for the purpose of functionality. They have earned the reputation for manufacturing top quality helmets that comes with great designs at affordable and best prices. LS2 covers a vast variety of best helmets like full face, open face and flip up for cafe riders, track racers, cruiser riders etc. Models like FF320, FF 397, FF 323, FF390, FF353, FF324, FF328 are available online in India. LS2 has always succeeded in providing great protection with a superior fit for riders from the Moto GP to level to an average commuter.

Each LS2 helmet, in berglass, composite or polycarbonate is composed of three main elements, the external shell, shock absorbing EPS liner and the numerous accessories such as comfort linings, method of retention, visors and ventilation.

The three main methods of production are as follows:
- Polycarbonate injected in a mix of ABS utilizing an exclusive process developed by our researchers named HPTT (High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology Resin). This high precision industrial process utilizes molds sculpted from blocks of metal weighing several 100 kilos.
- Composite bers, combined with polymer resin which provide high abrasion resistance and are very difficult to penetrate.
- Carbon Fiber in multiple layers are also mixed with polymer resin. This procedure involves a process where the molds must be able to resist temperatures in excess of 120 C.

Carbon Fibre is a material used extensively in the aeronautical industry and of course in the highly competitive  world of Formula 1 and Moto GP. It has incredible strength but extremely light. Four years of research  and considerable investment has resulted in LS2 launching its first Carbon Fibre Helmet with a double visor system.