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Frame Sliders are another piece of equipment that is used with the purpose of safety and making sure that in face of a tragedy, minimum damage is caused. The science behind the working of a frame slider is pretty simple.

The frame sliders are used to disperse the impact from a crash across the frame and through the engine, which is usually a more rigid structure than the bike's frame, and because they don't lever the bike up off the ground very far, it's harder for a short slider to make the bike flip over in a crash.

There are two types of sliders - Cut and no-cut. Cut kits require sawing holes in your fairing for the slider to pass through, whereas no-cut kits use brackets that position the slider around the fairing.

But racers and track riders are liable to crash at higher speeds, which often means a harder impact and a lot more slide time so here you want a shorter slider, which might not do as good a job keeping your fairings pretty, but they’ll still help preserve the really expensive stuff like your frame and engine covers.