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Putoline Maintenance Lubes & Oils

Putoline only sells products for two-wheeled motor vehicles. It has been doing so since 1970! This distinguishes the brands products.
Putoline Tech Chain (Ceramic Wax) is a high-quality, modern chain lubricant. The product is made up of a distinct wax formula combined with sophisticated additives such as PTFE. Tech Chain protects the chain optimally under all operating conditions. Suitable for both recreational and professional use on O-ring and MX chains.
Chain & Engine Degreaser was created specifically for motorcycle use. The unique, fast-acting formula removes oil and grease from all dirty parts of the motorcycle, including the chain, gears, engine, frame, and all other components. Quick and simple to use, it is appropriate for chrome, paint, rubber, and plastic parts. Is water soluble and does not leave a residue.
Helmet Sanitizer
Putoline Helmet Sanitizer is a foaming, hygienic helmet cleaner. The product is simple and quick to use. Removes and neutralises unpleasant odours from the helmet lining, leaving a fresh, citrus scent. Helmet Sanitizer can also be used to clean the helmet shell and visor.
DX11 Chain Spray
DX11 Chain Spray is a lubricant for synthetic chains. The water-repellent formulation penetrates deep into the chain links, leaving a protective layer. DX11 is extremely adhesive and non-flinging. It offers complete corrosion and wear resistance, reduces friction, and is easy to use. DX 11 Chain Spray is designed for high performance in open, O-/X-/Z-ring chains found on both road and off-road motorcycles.