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Parani Bluetooth Intercom system is an inbuilt communication system that helps motorcycle riders to communicate with each other while riding on the road towards a destination or just casually cruising through the highway.

Parani Bluetooth set needs to be connected with the Bluetooth device on your phone, then it can connect you to other 3 riders who are using Parani Bluetooth set as well with a range of up to and around 1 kilometer.

It also comes with an LCD screen to view and assess the volume on which it is operating and the battery levels, the set also plays music for the entertainment of the rider. The Bluetooth set functions well and is easy to use with SENA-backed parts which make the audio system crisp.

Parani is a useful commodity that supplies a rider with everything they require on a road trip, which is clear and crisp communication and remaining connected at all times. The device has a non-stop 8 hours talk time but it can connect to just 3 Parani users at a time and does not operate on a universal level.

It is also quite flexible and can be easily adjusted in all types of helmets, for protection and communication both at once. The device calls for an in-built system that works smoothly while providing a seamless delivery which is essential especially while riding a bike as there can be other disturbances due to air friction.

The Bluetooth set also connects with FM radio stations for music, news, and any other information which may help on the road.