Selecting the right helmet size is one of the most crucial part of buying a helmet. It has to fit right and tight to keep you safe. However, just a 3 step procedure should be enough to help you find the right helmet size for you. Its really simple.

Step 1: Measure your head circumference

Use a measuring tape to put around your head 1 inch above your eyebrows. This will give you the largest circumference of your head. Note down the size in centimeters.

Do try few times slightly changing the placement of your measuring tape ensuring the largest circumference is noted.
Don’t worry if you do not have a measuring tape. Take a thread or a thin string and measure it in the same way as mentioned above. Use a scale to measure the length by placing the string on it. That simple!

e.g. 59 cms

Step 2: Compare it with the Size Chart

Compare the noted head circumference size with the sizes available in the chart below. Note that the sizing might differ per brand.

e.g. 59 cms is size L for LS2 brand.

Brands XS S M L XL XXL
HJC, LS2, MT, Airoh, AXR, SMK 53-54 55-56 57-58 59-60 61-62 63-64
Brands XS S MS M ML L XL 2XL
AGV (K1, K3 SV, K5 S) 54 56 57 58 59-60 61-62 63-64

Step 3: Select the helmet size on the product page

Select your appropriate helmet size from the dropdown on the product page before you add the product to the cart or checkout.

Done! Congratulations you’re become a helmet sizing expert now. So go ahead and select a helmet from the vast variety of designs available at Custom Elements. 🙂

NOTE: A new helmet usually fits a bit tight on your head (and it should) which might feel uncomfortable at the beginning. But with regular use the comfort improves.