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Axor Street Helmets

Axor's most iconic design, the Street helmet, is a perfect choice for both touring and track riding. It features an innovative visor design that provides riders with the best vision in its class. With an ultra-wide visor, the rider can enjoy a panoramic view and 70% more downward angle compared to the standard visor. Additionally, an aerodynamic spoiler and 3-layer density cheek pads combine to offer a stable and comfortable ride with an unobstructed view.

The helmet is homologated to meet ECE R-22.05(Europe), DOT FMVSS NO. 218(US), and ISI safety standards. The helmet undergoes rigorous testing, including energy attenuation, penetration resistance, chin strap structural integrity, surface projection, rigidity, tensile, and chin strap micro slip tests under four different conditions (hot, cold, submerging, and ambient).