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The brand has some of the best riding gear with a worldwide market full of passionate customers, for whom they offer a plethora of high performance gear to choose from like Dainese jackets for dynamic sports.

Their product categories specialize in protective equipment and technical gear, among which the Jackets, Gloves and race suits are the most sought after safety gear in India for bikers. 

The company is a famous manufacturer of sporting gear, is based in Italy, and has been led by CEO Cristiano Silei since 2015. They believe in the concept of change and hence has been upgrading its game since its inception in 1972, which has been a long road full of innovations and technological changes by launching products such as – Dainese Smart Jacket, Superspeed Tex, etc. 

The growth of the company from technical aspects also reflects in its organic growth as a brand, through acquisitions of other sporting companies like the new Dainese AGV helmet and gender-neutral approach towards female bikers.

Their mere motto is to ignite passion in bike riders while making sure that full protection and safety are taken care of before riding a bike so that every rider can enjoy the rush and sense of freedom that comes with the sport. 

The products are clinically and experimentally tested by experts thoroughly to ensure they will be able to endure extreme scenarios.

Also, along with the protection aspect, these apparels are designed to give a sleek and street-smart look to the riders and hence appear good on a racing track or an adventure spree!