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Arai is a small, family-owned company driven by the same mission through three generations—three generations of riders. We at Arai are motorcycle enthusiasts. We ride. We build each Arai helmet as if we’re creating it for one of our own—a brother, a father, a husband, a mother, a sister.

Our mission has always been the protection and comfort of every person who chooses an Arai helmet. Our foundational principles of protection first, exceptional quality, and rider comfort have never been forgotten in over six decades of helmet design and manufacturing.

We are always working on improving all aspects of our helmet, with protection as our primary focus. Obtaining improvements demands the dedication and focus of highly skilled artisans utilizing high-grade materials. An improvement may appear as just a small change, or may be unseen from the outside, but each one can add to an already proven design. And when many improvements are accumulated, the synergy between them provides supreme performance.

From MotoGP to Formula 1, Arai is chosen by many top riders and drivers, and this offers us a wealth of feedback at the highest levels of racing.

Every helmet is handmade, a meticulous process that combines the highest technology with nearly 70 years of old-world craftsmanship. Each helmet is a reflection of the brand’s dedication to rider protection and uncompromising quality.

At the core of this brand lies family values, that actually gives strength to each helmet, because each of it is manufactured keeping in mind that their customers must be family to somebody.