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SW-Motech produces tough and thoughtfully designed luggage, protection, and ergonomic accessories for your motorcycle. Specializing in parts for adventure, sport, and retro-style bikes. Their product ranges from riding luggage and bike accessories.

The brand develops premium luggage for riders around the world. Every single product is designed in Germany with real-life riding experience and built with high quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Luggage contains variety of products from adventure sets, Tank bags, tail bags, pannier sets, saddle bags, side carriers, luggage racks etc.

Tank bags for bikes tops the list being the fast-selling products of all time. These are developed keeping the new design, high quality and refinement in motorcycle touring luggage. The bags can be fit to the motorcycle by a bike specific tank ring, strap system or magnetic fit. Some of the best sellers among these are Quick lock pro and Pro Enduro tank bags

Bike Accessories

Bike protection accessories are designed to provide maximum protection for rider and motorcycle components on and off the road in case of a fall and damages caused on road by stones and debris. All protection parts are wisely designed for perfect fit. Most of products are bike specific. It includes a complete range of frame sliders, Crash guards, lever guards etc.