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Workouts Can Be Fun – Benefits of Riding!!!

Workout While Riding

Workouts Can Be Fun Having been on a couple of rides, it’s fair enough to say that there is some amount of weight loss that happens. Can be as low as 1-2 kgs and as high as 5-7 kgs. Now there are a variety of factors that lead to this cause. Mostly on long rides, the[…]

Pulsars – The Bike that Got the Pulse of India’s going faster. 

Pulsar 250F and 250S

The Bike that Got the Pulse of India’s going faster. – The Mighty Pulsar Weirdly Pulsar was the 1st. This segment was actually kick-started by the Hero Honda CBZ that came out in 1999 which was a 156.9 cc bike. Though taking this as a sign for progress, Bajaj couldn’t be far behind.  Pulsar was[…]

Riding Gear for Beginners

Riding Gear

Riding Gear for Beginners Riding makes you feel free and like an invincible superhero….but….because with great powers comes great responsibilities #thankyouuncleBen. This time let’s take it from top to bottom, as the delicate coconut i.e., your head is by far the most vulnerable part of your entire body. So, Helmets. HELMETS   I see a lot[…]