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Classic CHE – The Modern Bikes in Classic clothing!!!

honda hawk 11 cafe racer

Classic CHE – The Modern Bikes in Classic clothing!!! So Classic is a type of motorcycle that may never be out of trend. Look at brands like Moto Guzzi, Triumph, Royal Enfield and Kawasaki to name a few. If we consider our country. RE with the Classic 350 and 500 and the now ever loved[…]

Type of Heart – Type of Engine

Types of Motorcycle Engines

Types of Motorcycle Engines The 4 major commercial types of engines are single, twin, triple and 4s. Among this there is a further variety. Each company is trying its best to spice up or relax the style of riding or trying to cater to different types of riders. Young, old, mid life crisis and the[…]

Are Adventure bikes the SUV’s of Biking???

ADVs The SUVs of Biking

Currently the largest growing segment is India in the four wheeler market is the SUV segment. Even more so the Mini or sub 4 metre SUVs. We can give some credit to our well managed roads and the accessibility to some of our favourite places to travel. From Getting you comfortable on our normal day[…]

Workouts Can Be Fun – Benefits of Riding!!!

Workout While Riding

Workouts Can Be Fun Having been on a couple of rides, it’s fair enough to say that there is some amount of weight loss that happens. Can be as low as 1-2 kgs and as high as 5-7 kgs. Now there are a variety of factors that lead to this cause. Mostly on long rides, the[…]

Parani by SENA

Parani M10 Bluetooth System

Parani by SENA The key to any relationship whether its family or friends or riding bros is communication. Whether it’s having a laugh about the way some guy was sitting on his bike or you see a hazardous situation ahead of you and inform the Bros behind or when you are feeling hungry ( Usually[…]

What is Ride by Wire Technology?

Ride by Wire Technology

Ride by wire technology is actually quite a contradiction. But goes well with many other concepts of the automotive industry. Here the absence of a mechanical linkage or a throttle\accelerator cable between accelerator and  the throttle. That is the whole point. But how it works is by a sensor that the accelerator has which conveys[…]


Spiti Valley BIke Trip Cover Image

Once in a lifetime,everybody must have imagined going on a bike ride with their friends or significant others, may it be to the hills like Manali or someplace else beautiful, but unfortunately work commitments hindered your plans or plain old “Gharwale nahi manenge”.  But that is the beauty of life you don’t know what the[…]


Triumph Tiger 900 20

Adventure Biking is a passion for hundreds of people. Imagine yourself riding on an open road with a bunch of friends or alone under the huge sky in pleasant weather. People with a zeal for love and excitement live similarly, and their passion for the sport comes from the adrenaline rush which pumps in their[…]