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Remember when you were a kid running around in the playground? I’ll bet that every time you fell, you hurt your hands and knees the most. Our instinctive reaction when experiencing a sensation of falling is to break the fall with our hands. Small wonder that wrist injuries are so common among riders. It’s sad[…]

Top Destinations in South India For Bikers

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The best part about owning a motorcycle is that you can get away for the weekend to one of the several destinations in South India that make for a memorable and soul-cleansing ride. There is nothing more satisfying than finding a good road with little traffic and becoming one with your motorcycle. Here is a[…]

The Motorcycling Lifestyle

Riding to India Bike Week

Live to ride. Ride to live. (Image courtesy of In the 1920’s, anyone spotted riding a motorcycle could be taken for granted as a patient and helpful fellow. Patient, because motorcycles broke down a lot and you carried a box to tools to kneel at the side of the road and fettle away. Helpful,[…]

Why You Should Wear Riding Gear, Always!

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Statistics tell us that Indian roads are some of the most dangerous in the world, with about 1,50,000 people dying every year. That’s about 400 people dying on the roads every day! Significantly more number of people are injured and bruised as a result of apathy and bad driving habits. Needless to say, motorcyclists make[…]