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ISI Certified Helmets

Helmet is the most important component among protective gear for a rider. The primary purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to protect a rider’s head from a major injury in case of a crash, along with protection against injuries. Good quality helmets provide features such as additional ventilation ducts, UV protection visors and bluetooth compatibility.[…]

Parani by SENA

Parani M10 Bluetooth System

Parani by SENA The key to any relationship whether its family or friends or riding bros is communication. Whether it’s having a laugh about the way some guy was sitting on his bike or you see a hazardous situation ahead of you and inform the Bros behind or when you are feeling hungry ( Usually[…]

The Mask for your Bike – Importance of a Radiator Guard

Importance of Radiator Guard

The Mask for Your Bike – A Radiator Guard Breathing is such an essential part of living and happens so spontaneously that we do not realize its importance till maybe we cannot breath.  Thank you Covid for that realization. I remember in 9th Std, my class teacher used to have us do breathing exercises for[…]

Different Ways of Lubing a Motorcycle Chain

How to Lube a Motorcycle Chain

Lubricating a Motorcycle Chain and Different Ways to do it. Lubricating a Motorcycle Chain is again one of the most underrated things riders do. The chain of most superbikes get lubed when it goes for service. Luckily for the bikes the current gen is taking this seriously as chains and sprockets of some brands are[…]