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Pulsars – The Bike that Got the Pulse of India’s going faster. 

Pulsar 250F and 250S

The Bike that Got the Pulse of India’s going faster. – The Mighty Pulsar Weirdly Pulsar was the 1st. This segment was actually kick-started by the Hero Honda CBZ that came out in 1999 which was a 156.9 cc bike. Though taking this as a sign for progress, Bajaj couldn’t be far behind.  Pulsar was[…]

Parani by SENA

Parani M10 Bluetooth System

Parani by SENA The key to any relationship whether its family or friends or riding bros is communication. Whether it’s having a laugh about the way some guy was sitting on his bike or you see a hazardous situation ahead of you and inform the Bros behind or when you are feeling hungry ( Usually[…]

The Mask for your Bike – Importance of a Radiator Guard

Importance of Radiator Guard

The Mask for Your Bike – A Radiator Guard Breathing is such an essential part of living and happens so spontaneously that we do not realize its importance till maybe we cannot breath.  Thank you Covid for that realization. I remember in 9th Std, my class teacher used to have us do breathing exercises for[…]

What is Ride by Wire Technology?

Ride by Wire Technology

Ride by wire technology is actually quite a contradiction. But goes well with many other concepts of the automotive industry. Here the absence of a mechanical linkage or a throttle\accelerator cable between accelerator and  the throttle. That is the whole point. But how it works is by a sensor that the accelerator has which conveys[…]