Parani by SENA

The key to any relationship whether its family or friends or riding bros is communication. Whether it’s having a laugh about the way some guy was sitting on his bike or you see a hazardous situation ahead of you and inform the Bros behind or when you are feeling hungry ( Usually me). But the point here is the list goes on. Imagine you couldn’t communicate with your buddy riding behind and something happened. What’s even harder is to call his\her family to inform them of the mishap even if it isn’t that bad. I have been there. Also recently my friend who was part of such an incident is finally back on the bike after almost 6 years. Such incidents can be avoided with coms. 

If you are not the kind of person who wants to talk, coms also help you listen to music if you are that person who may doze off if alone. #me. These devices have come a long way from having them inbuilt in Helmets to having cameras to different techs for connection from simple Bluetooth to radio frequency to mesh technology. In India we are lucky to have Sena officially being sold so all you out there are skeptical when it comes to warranty, Sena doesn’t just give 12 months but TWENTY FOUR months warranty. 

The Parani M10 by Sena.

Parani by SENA
Image Source: Parani

This is The Most accessible product by Sena. at Rs. 6499 this is brilliant.The Parani M10 is designed for easy interaction. Connect the M10 to your smartphone via Bluetooth® and make use of features on the road, such as listening to your music or even taking phone calls. Bluetooth Intercom connects you with up to three other Parani users, with an effective range of up to 1 km (0.6 mi). Backed by Sena, the M10 ensures a superb audio experience on your motorcycle. The headset also comes with a built-in LCD screen, giving the user quick visual updates on functions such as battery capacity and volume level. 

Key Features:

  1. Bluetooth® 5.1 connects to your smartphone for on-the-go features such as listening to music and taking phone calls
  2. Communicate with 3 other Parani users via Bluetooth Intercom
  3. LCD Screen to display and make changes to the device’s settings
  4. Available with either a boom or a wired mic

Now there were a few queries when it comes to water resistance & riding in the rain. After a long conversation with the Officials at Sena, they have told us to inform our customers that they should make sure the charging port is well closed before riding and once the cable is disconnected after charging.

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