I have always been a TVS fan boy from the time of the Vector to the Apache and now finally owning a Ntorq. TVS has really focused on performance and pushing boundaries. 

Gloves! One of the bare essentials when riding a bike. A lot of times even when people do not wear a jacket or pants . Gloves are still worn. Maybe for a style statement but also in case of a fall it’s the palm that is one of the 1st body parts to take impact. Also a good glove helps grip the throttle better. 

Ideally a way to check the fit is , obviously, a glove that fits your hand. Soooooo,  according to size. Next one, you wear the glove, check the fingertips, if the glove is too tight, check if the material is stretchable. Best way to find this is, to grip your wrist as if you were gripping the handle of your bike or if you have taken your bike a long or have a bike or scooty nearby you can use that. So when you grip the wrist \ handle the tips of the finger and gloves have to meet. Or if they already meet the material has to stretch on curling the fingers. There shouldn’t be much pressure. Also you have to be comfortable in this process. Certain materials don’t suit certain skin types so check that too. Know your purpose. 

Since my daily gloves were worn out, I was looking for a pair. Came across TVS Racing Adventure Gloves on the custom elements website. The design felt comfy with loads of mesh and for a sweaty, hot climate like Goa these seemed that my palms would live through this. 

TVS Racing Adventure Black Riding Gloves 768x768 1

They come with two colour options one is grey\red and yes it also does come in Black. These riding gloves are fitted with protection over the knuckles, perforated leather palm for comfort and PU bound protector for extra safety.

The Fit:-

After two weeks of decent use of over 200 kms these gloves start to grow on you. Only place I feel the gloves are a bit loose is the little finger, rest is pretty good and snug. Due to having a rubberized material at the knuckles these are so flexible and hardly feel like gloves are being worn. It’s a bit tight at the wrist and a slight struggle to wear but on the flip side you never get the feeling that they are coming off. The mesh makes it so breathable and the hot sunny sweaty hand, well no! No Sweaty hand thanks to the breathable nature of the glove. Provides enough grip on the handlebars and easy stretch to reach the levers. 

Material and Protection:- 

The main construction is made of high quality premium leather. And perforated synthetic leather at the palm. Has 4 way mesh panels for one of the best in class ventilations. High -Peel and PVC material for better impact absorption. Accordion construction at stretch zones on fingers for higher breathability, flexibility, and range of motion. Pre-Shaped Leather On Fingers And Thumbs. Conductive leather fingertips compatible for touchscreen use. Now this is very very very handy for us. Attached forefinger rubber visor cleaners to keep your visor crystal clear. But this is only available on the left hand. No doubt with the current rain all year type of climate this is one would be a life saver. PU bound protector on thumb and heel of the hand. 

TVS is not only providing good bikes and scooters but now even their riding gear is quite admirable. It’s a good branching for TVS and seems that they have started off in the right way. Only time will tell if this was a one off thing or a sign for good things to follow. 

This was my experience and genuine feedback so far and will provide a long term review in the coming months. Hopefully they stand the rides of time. 

If you liked this product head to the Custom Elements Website and check the range of other TVS Racing Adventure Gloves. Do leave feedback if you have used these gloves and what’s your take. 

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