Lubricating a Motorcycle Chain and Different Ways to do it.

Lubricating a Motorcycle Chain is again one of the most underrated things riders do. The chain of most superbikes get lubed when it goes for service. Luckily for the bikes the current gen is taking this seriously as chains and sprockets of some brands are quite expensive and a well lubed chain can last longer. Riders with belt and shaft driven bikes, you guys can just chill, take some popcorn and enjoy.

Reasons to Lube:

Chain comes with rings, o-rings , now between the o-rings etc and connecting rod that is covered in the chain there is a bit or grease for smooth movement and flex of the chain. The grease is there throughout. But this tends to reduce over time and specially due to aggressive cleaning, 

Lubing Motorcycle Chain

  1. The o-rings inside need to be kept lubricated. 
  2. Moisture can start to affect the grease, the lube helps keep the moisture away. 
  3. Roller that covers the connecting rod needs lubrication, as it’s the most stressed part as it not only covers the connecting rod but also is the contact patch onto the sprocket. 
  4. We are a Tropical region and lube helps prevent corrosion and keep moisture away. Rust starts to eat into the metal, reducing life. Also the chain looks good lubed. 
  5. Lube helps keep temperature low that is caused by the friction between the chain and sprocket. 

Now always remember lube may fly off and stick onto your tyre and hence a lot of people avoid lube. So it is advisable to lube in the night , let the lube settle overnight and start to ride in the morning, this way your tire won’t teach you to do ballet.

Motorcycle Chain Lubricating

Ways to lube a bike. 

  1. The 1st most common way is in a paddock. This is how it is done in service centers. Bike is on the paddock, you drop the 1st gear and Voila!! it’s done.
  2. Next we have rollers, you have to place the rear tyre on a roller and manually spin the rear wheel while you lube.
  3. Next is that body builder friend. He lifts the bike sideways using the side stand long enough so that you can lube.
  4. Next is my CrossFit friend. He runs after you spraying the lube then pulls you back to do the same procedure again. 
  5. If you have an adv bike. Nothing like a main or center stand. Load the bike onto the stand and 1st gear and spray and you are sorted.
  6. Last but not least is the lube and stick. Do not get a wild idea. Here a stick probably 2 to 3 inches longer than the distance from the right side of the swing arm is hooked there to keep the wheel in the air to lube. 

So remember a well lubed chain lasts a long time. Over Lubing may lead to a leak of the lube obviously and be hazardous. So until next time.

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Ride Hard Ride Safe and Stay Alive , Stay Lubed!

Lubing a Motorcycle


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