Vehicles have an extensive role in our lives. I am sure you’ll agree but, for many, these vehicles or more appropriately motorcycles play a much more important role than transportation.

The feeling of blood racing through your veins and wind rushing through your hair gives a sense of freedom that everybody craves, just to escape from the monotony of life.

Bikers are a community of people or a lifestyle that hails from all walks of life; you could have a strict profession and still love motorbike riding. It is a total myth that bike riders are mostly jocks and ripped with tattoos all over and is just a stereotype thanks to American television.

In fact, contrary to the stereotype, riders can be some of the sweetest and most admirable people, with patience and focus that comes in handy while riding.

They also seem to have a sense of belongingness for the community, where they share similar passions and also tend to be adventurous people who like to live in the moment. For example- impromptu trips with the gang to places like Ladakh or Manali.

Passion for Motorcycles

This passion for motorbikes bonds people together tighter than a super glue and has resulted in a powerful cult religion, with its motorbike shows, rallies, and get-togethers.

For many, it is about brotherhood, meeting weekly, making various plans, and helping people who are in need. A global organization made up of motorcycling communities started in 1995 known as Bikers Against Child Abuse with an ultimate goal to protect and empower those kids who have faced abuse in their lives.

The rush of adrenaline is addictive and especially people who ride motorbikes cannot get enough of it. The thrill that speed gives with just a flick of the wrist is incomparable to any other feeling or satisfaction in the world, but while riding, it’s also essential to make sure that you have the proper gear on as the repercussions for not doing so can be lethal;

Passion fuels their souls and exceeds the hierarchy of needs; a person who is a true motorbike lover always takes serious care of their machine and the associated gear, going as far as having sweet names for their rides!

Bike riding also gives enthralling confidence to all riders and; makes them believe in themselves, hence improving mental health. It’s also a certified sport in many countries though India is yet to join that list.

All in all, motor back riding is a sport for the soul and, people ride bikes for numerous reasons but, at the core of it still lies passion, credit of which goes to professional bikers and biking communities across the globe, like – Valentino Rossi, CS Santosh, Hells Angels, Sons of Silence and Vagos, they developed a culture which is vary of everything and just believes only in humanity.


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