A lot of you entry and mid-level riders find difficulty in choosing your riding jacket as you don’t completely understand the difference in the features of these jackets. For instance, you might want a jacket for touring and end up buying a jacket meant for the racetrack, which is not known for it’s comfort-fit. Can you imagine how uncomfortable you will be on the long ride?

We have prepared a list of the best riding jackets in India and categorized into different price categories so that riders of all levels of experience can make an informed decision before making a purchase. They have been categorized into three groups.

  • Riding Jackets up to Rs.10000
  • Riding Jackets Between Rs.10000 and Rs.20000
  • Riding Jackets Between Rs.20000 and Rs.30000
  • Riding Jackets Above Rs.30000

Riding Jackets up to Rs.10000

Rynox Storm Evo:

Rynox Storm Evo L2 Knight Grey Riding Jacket 1

This jacket is designed in such a way that the features makes you feel like it is a heavy loaded jacket, but, it is lightweight and designed for comfort with good ventilation. It comes with 3 pockets and pants connection zipper. It has a rain liner and winter a liner as well. The outer shell is 600D PU coated polyester for abrasion protection.

Impact protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: KNOX Microlock CE Level 2 certified
  • Back: CE Level 2 certified
  • Chest: HD EVA foam protectors

Rynox Tornado Pro:

Rynox Tornado Pro V3 Black Red Riding Jacket

The Rynox Tornado Pro is ideal for you racers out there or anyone who wants to ride on the racetrack. It has a super ventilated outer shell and Heavy Duty 600D polyester textile. It comes with a rain and thermal liner. It has 3 pockets and a cushioned fit.

Impact Protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: KNOX Microlock CE Level 2 certified
  • Back: HD EVA foam

LS2 Mesh Black:

LS2 Mens Mesh Black With Reflector or without reflector 1

LS2 jackets are ideal for those of you who want something more than a leather jacket and something lesser than a completely loaded riding jacket. It is for daily use or for entry-level riders who are very inexperienced and have riding constraints in terms of riding distance, etc. The features of this jacket are sub-par compared to other riding jackets in India under Rs.10,000. It has good ventilation and a rain liner and winter liner. The outer shell is 500D polyester and mesh.

Impact protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: CE level 1 certified

XDI Hooligan:

XDI Hooligan Black Red Riding Jacket1

It sports a MotoGP inspired styling in a full textile shell. It has openable zippered vents on shoulders, elbow and back that enables air to directly reach the body and keep you ventilated. It also has a detachable rain and thermal liner.

Impact protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: CE level 2 certified
  • Back: CE level 1 certified
  • Chest: Foam-backed ABS chest protectors

DSG Triton:

DSG Triton X Black Grey Red Riding Jackets 1

DSG Triton is designed to take multi-season functionality to new heights with vastly improved temperature control. It is highly effective and direct venting has been improved in achieving true 4 season adaptability for all you adventure and touring riders. The front cargo pockets are waterproof for convenience and peace-of-mind closure. It comes with long sleeve removable thermal and rain liner. The outer shell has advanced reinforced 600D Cordura textile.

Impact protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: CE certified

DSG Evo Pro:


The DSG Evo Pro is designed for styling and provides a lighter than leather feel with the flexibility of the fabric. The sport-cut of the jacket enhances mobility while riding. The outer shell is 600D poly-fabric multi-textile design for long-lasting performance. It is strategically ventilated to improve jackets cooling. 

Impact protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: CE certified
  • First Indian brand to offer external protectors on the shoulders

BBG Spiti:

bbg spiti black ridin jacket 1

BBG Spiti comes in unOrthodox styling, giving a premium look to the rider. Due to its unique cut, shape & finish, it has earned the nickname “Executive Suit”. It has huge 3D mesh panels in the front and back for unsurpassed airflow performance. It comes with an inner removable thermal liner and outer separate rain liner. Two external and two internal pockets all of which are waterproof.

Impact protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: CE level 2 certified
  • Back: Lightweight Flexiform

BBG Xplorer:

BBG xPlorer Black Red Riding Jacket 1

It is one of the fastest selling jackets for the brand. It comes with a handful of features that are ideal for daily use and best of all, it comes at an affordable price. The outer shell consists of 600D premium Codura Fabric and Mesh Panels. Comfortable fit with good ventilation and waterproof pockets.

Impact protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: CE level 1 certified
  • Back: CE level 1 certified  

Moto Torque Resistor

Mototorque Resistor L2 Black Green Riding Jacket

Moto Torque Resistor is a very stylish jacket that offers a lot of useful features and is valued at Rs.5999. This riding jacket is made of a combination of two types of materials. It is made of ballistic textile for protection and mesh fabric for perfect ventilation through the jacket. All the internal pockets are waterproof for your mobile, wallet, keys, gloves etc. The armours of the jacket can be removed for washing purposes making it very user friendly.

Impact Protection

  • Shoulders and Elbows : CE Level 2 approved
  • External titanium sliders on shoulders for highest protection.

Rynox Air GT V3

Rynox Air GT 3 Dark Grey Hi Viz Green Riding Jacket

Rynox has topped this category for the third time with its new edition of the Air GT model. This riding jacket is meant for heavy duty usage and bikers will be glad to know that along with its utilitarian design, it comes in eye catchy colours too. Its super ventilated outer shell is made of lightweight and sturdy 3D mesh with dual-fold knit and due to the reflective glow panels in the jacket, it is visible in low light. It’s made of 600D PU coasted polyester which is a heavy duty textile and is tear resistant due to its dobby weave pattern. It is a street fit jacket along with cushioned comfort and has both the rain liner and the winter liner. All these attractive features of the Rynox Air GT V3 is priced at Rs.6350.

Impact Protection

  • Shoulders and Elbow: CE Level 2 approved.
  • Back: CE Level 2 protector, with superior coverage.


XDI X1 Black White Orange Riding Jacket1

Another riding jacket of XDI in the same category is the XDI X1. It is a very stylish jacket with a sporty look that sport bikers or sport touring bikers may find attractive. It has a cordura and mesh outer shell along with detachable thermal liner. It has adjustable waist straps in order to provide optimum fit for the rider. It provides great protection against the abrasion of body joints due to the use of metal alloys. It also reduces the risk of injury as it distributes the impact energy over a wider range of surface. This jacket is priced at Rs.8499.

Impact Protection

  • It has removable CE certified 1621 armours.
  • It has dual density back armour that is CE certified.

Zeus Zephyr

Zeus Zephyr All Season Black Red White Riding Jacket


This riding jacket from Zeus is known for providing the rider with maximum air flow. In fact Zephyr actually means air. The riding jacket has ballistic mesh panels on all sides with 600D Cordura chassis. It also has an added 1000D ballistic poly reinforcement panels in key areas for a safer experience. It has two external non-waterproof pockets that are deep enough to store documents and one deep zippered internal pocket. It also has one waterproof internal pocket on thermal liner for mobile and one non-waterproof internal pocket. Zeus Zephyr riding jacket is equipped with both rain liner and thermal liner that are removable. This riding jacket is priced at Rs.8600.

Impact Protection

  • Shoulders and Elbow: CE certified level 2 protectors.
  • Back: CE certified level 2 protectors.

BBG Navigator

BBG Navigator Black Fluroscent Yellow Riding Jacket front

BBG Navigator is hailed as the top notch jacket from BBG in this category in Indian and International markets. Its an all season jacket and adapts very well in any terrain and condition. It has a stylish leather collar with a soft neoprene for inner neck comfort. All the pockets are water proof, highly breathable and have detachable thermal liners. It also comes with inner removable Thermal lining for winter riding and also inner removable waterproof lining. The navigator is priced at Rs.8000.

Impact Protection

  • It is a CE certified level 2 riding jacket.

Riding Jackets Between Rs.10000 and Rs.20000

Alpinestars Bonneville

Alpinestars Bonneville Air White Black Red Riding Jacket

Alpinestars Bonneville is a great riding jacket in this category that has a stylish and sporty look and is equipped with reflective strips for low light visibility. It is made of lightweight abrasion resistant fabric and for optimal ventilation it uses non-water absorbing mesh panels. It has a slim fit design with D-ring waist adjustment for precision fitting. The pockets are waterproof and the jacket has an elongated back profile covering lower back regions in the riding position. The Alpinestars riding jacket starts its pricing at Rs.15999.

Impact Protection

  • Shoulder Elbow: CE level 1 certified riding jacket.

Alpinestars Andes

Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Black Camo Red Jacket

The Alpinestars Andes riding jacket is a versatile riding jacket with 100% water proof feature and great level of ventilation system even under hard riding conditions. It has reinforced polymer-printed texturing in critical elbow and lower arm areas. The graphics and the logos are reflective to be visible under low light conditions. It has zippered front pockets on the upper chest and a large waterproof front pocket. The internal pockets are waterproof and has large utility pocket on the lower back of the jacket. The collar has soft edges for best comfort. The Andes is priced at Rs.19999.

Impact Protection

  • Shoulder and Elbow: CE certified removable Bio Armour.
  • Chest and Back: CE certified Bio Armour back protector.

Alpinestars Viper V2

Alpinestars Viper V2 Air Textile Black Fluorescent Red Jacket

The Viper V2 riding jacket from Alpinestars incorporates a removable windbreaker which helps riders to adapt to any riding condition. Its ability to adapt to harsh condition is due to its extensive meshing panel. It has multi-fabric mesh panels on the chest, back and sleeves for better cooling performance. The internal pockets of the jacket are waterproof for the phones and documents. Due to its best comfort fit, the jacket is perfect for riders who love to test themselves in the difficult conditions. The Viper V2 is priced at Rs.17999.

Impact protection

  • Shoulder and Elbow: CE level 1 certified bio armour protector
  • Chest and Back: Alpinestars Level 1 certified Nucleon chest and Alpinestars Level 2 certified Nucleon back protectors

Rynox Stealth Evo V3

Rynox Stealth Evo V3 L2 Grey Riding Jacket2

Rynox presented the world with Stealth Evo V3 and it is one of the best riding jacket of this category. The number of features that it offers the riders for Rs.11500 is stellar. It is also known as “a traveller’s perfect ally”. Designed for aesthetics and performance, the Rynox Stealth Evo has 8 strategically placed active vents, 4 pockets plus 2 fleece-lined hand warmer pockets. The outer shell is Heavy Duty 600D PU polyester.

Impact protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: KNOX Micro lock CE Level 2 certified
  • Back: CE Level 2 certified
  • Chest: Rynox Ceros CE Level 1 certified
  • Lower Back Support: Removable ventilated lumbar support belt

Furygan WB-06

Furygan WB 06 2 In 1 Vented Mens Black Riding Jacket 1

The Furygan Jacket has a waterproof Insert and the external material is Polyester for abrasion resistance. It has removable thermal padded lining and mesh panel at armpits to ease heat dissipation. The external material is made of high tenacity polyester for abrasion resistance. It has a total of five pockets of which 2 are outside and three internal pockets including a net pocket for phones. It has removable thermal padded lining and mesh panels at the armpits for better heat release. The Furygan WB-06 is priced at Rs.15500.

Impact protection:

  • The jacket has D3O CE certified protectors for shoulders and elbows that offer full protection without restricting comfort and freedom of movement.
  • The back protector pocket is compatible with D30’s “Central Back” (level 1) and “Full Back” (level 2) back protector.

RST Spectre

RST Spectre Textile Black Riding Jacket

The Spectre features large K300 mesh panels on the chest, back and down the arms. The jacket stands out from the other mesh jackets with the specially designed waterproof breathable lining. The spectre consist of a removable SinAqua waterproof breathable lining. Hence when the weather turns unbearable you won’t get caught. It has an adjustable waist with both inner and outer pockets. The Spectre is priced at Rs.12499.

Impact Protection

  • Shoulders and Elbows: CE level 1 certified.
  • Chest and Back: CE level 1 certified protector.

Alpinestars T-GP Plus R

Alpinestars T Gp Plus R V2 Air Black Anthracite Jacket1

The TGP +R is designed to keep you ultra-cool to busy and blustering city streets. It is constructed for long lasting performance from a highly durable and abrasion resistant polyester fabric for the main shell.  The full mesh lining boosts the overall air flow of the garment.  The jacket provides a sport fit with pre-curved sleeve construction for reduced fatigue and enhanced riding comfort. The extended mesh panels on the torso and arms provide substantial cooling for best comfort even under warmer conditions. The Alpinestars TGP Plus R is rated at Rs.16500.

Impact Protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: Lightweight CE certified bio armour.
  • Chest and Back: PE foam padding and CE certified bio armour protector.

Riding Jackets Between Rs.20000 and Rs.30000

 Alpinestars T-Fuse

Alpinestars T Fuse Sport Shell Waterproof Anthracite Jacket

The Alpinestars T Fuse is a sturdy riding jacket that uses a water-resistant soft shell exterior. A waterproof membrane is fixed directly to the interior shell of the jacket to cut down on bulk. It also has a removable thermal liner that can be adjusted according to the riding conditions. It has zippered air intake vents placed strategically to allow great air flow. It has two hand pockets and zippered chest pocket. It has a lower profile collar construction with comfort fabric on the inner lining of the collar. The pre-curved sleeve helps in reducing fatigue for the rider. The T Fuse is priced at Rs.25999.

Impact Protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: CE level 2 certified protectors.
  • It has dual density sliders on the shoulders that have dynamic friction shield.

Alpinestars T-Jaws

Alpinestars T Jaws V2 Air Black White Red Jacket

The Alpinestars T Jaws Air is a lightweight jacket that punches above its weight class in both adaptability and protection. It is constructed for long lasting performance from a highly durable and abrasion-resistant denier poly fabric main shell. The jacket has extended mesh panels on the torso, upper chest, arms and rear back provides substantial airflow when riding for superior comfort. It has better airflow throughout the jacket due to its full mesh lining. For customized fit, it has Velcro and D-ring waist adjustment system. Due to its lower rear profile design, it provides enough coverage for the lower back and does not allow the jacket to fly up while riding. The T jaws is priced at Rs.22999.

Impact Protection:

  • Chest and Back: PE Foam Padding along with CE certified Level 1 protector.
  • Snap button system to integrate the Level 2 CE certified Alpinestars Nucleon Back

Alpinestars Vence Drystar

Alpinestars Vence Drystar Black Riding Jacket

Waterproof and breathable Drystar liner with taped seams to ensure excellent weather performance is what makes this riding jacket special. It is constructed from multi-material main shell with PU coating for durability, abrasion and tear resistance and protection from the surroundings.  It has a higher collar protection to protect from elements and it has soft comfortable textile to improve comfort fit of the neck. It has interior waterproof compartments to store documents. It has pre-curved sleeves for complete freedom of movement while riding. The Vence Drystar has premium look to it and it is best suited for touring bikers who love to push limits and go for long rides. The jacket is priced at Rs.24999.

Impact Protection:

  • Removable and replaceable CE-certified shoulder and elbow protection for superb impact protection.
  • Chest and back pad compartments with PE padding
  • Removable long sleeve thermal liner means jacket can be worn in colder climates.

Alpinestars T-GP R V2

Alpinestars T GP R V2 Air Black Jacket

The T-GP R Air Jacket incorporates a durable, abrasion resistant denier poly-fabric main shell with strategically positioned mesh panels for unsurpassed airflow. The mesh is positioned such that there are localized perforation zones, providing substantial airflow and superior comfort. The external, dual-density polymer shoulder sliders offer additional abrasion resistance in the key impact areas. The internal pockets are waterproof for phones and other documents. The external pockets are large and zippered. It has fixed full mesh lining that boosts the air flow capacity of the jacket. It is a sport fit with pre-curved sleeve construction for reduced fatigue and enhanced riding comfort.

Impact for Protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: Lightweight CE certified protector.
  • Chest and Back: PE foam padded with CE certified bio armour protectors.

Riding Jackets Above Rs.30000

Alpinestars Yokohama Drystar

Alpinestars Yokohama Drystar Dark Grey Black Red Jackets

The Yokahoma Drystar offers amazing power packed features with great levels of comfortablility. One of its prime features is the jest ventilation system for excellent levels of internal cooling performance. It has a high collar construction with soft textile finish and a 3D mesh on the interior that provides the rider with excellent comfort and weather protection for the neck. The jacket deep front pockets that are waterproof and provide security of stored items. It also consists of a Removable long-sleeve thermal liner that includes mesh collar for comfort.

Impact Protection:

  • Removable CE-certified shoulder and elbow protectors for superb impact protection.
  • Chest and back pad compartments with PE padding

Alpinestars SP-X

Alpinestars SP X Black White Leather Riding Jackets

The Alpinestars SP-X riding jacket has a D-ring and hook and loop grip waist adjustment system for personalized riding fit and safe closure. It has a removable thermal liner which means that the jacket can be worn comfortably in colder climates.  It has a soft, microfiber comfort edge on collar and cuffs and Internal waist connection zipper that allows attachment to Alpinestars riding pants. It is made of a mixture of leather, mesh and textile that are positioned so well to allow localized perforations for excellent ventilation and airflow.

Impact for Protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: Internal CE certified protectors
  • Chest and Back: PE Padding (Alpinestars nucleon chest and pad protectors available in accessories)
  • Multiple snap button system to integrate the Level 2 CE certified Alpinestars Nucleon back protector.
  • Newly developed shoulder protection features over-moulded advanced TPU guard layered under the outer fabric for optimized levels of protection and comfort.

Alpinestars Avant

Alpinestars Avant Leather Brown Riding Jackets

Alpinestars Avant is an all leather riding jacket, constructed from brushed, PU coated polyamide fabric for increased abrasion resistance and durability. It has pre-curved sleeves for great riding comfort. It has integrated high visibility reflective stripes that improves rider visibility in poor light conditions. It also has a neoprene collar and wrist trim for enhanced comfort along with two external and internal pockets and one internal napoleon pocket for efficient storage.

Impact for Protection:

  • Elbow and Shoulder: CE level 1 certified removal bio armour protector.
  • Chest: Chest pad compartment with pre-padding (Bionic chest guard available in accessories).
  • Back: Back protector compartment with pre-padding (certified bio armour back protector available in accessories).

Alpinestars Celer

Alpinestars Celer Leather Black White Yellow Jacket1

The Alpinestars Celer is a leather riding jacket with dynamic flow control ventilation system. This aggressively styled, technical jacket offers street and track riders superb interior climate control. It has a flexible aramid leather stretch panels on back, waist, and elbows for a highly contoured fit and comfort. The jacket has a full mesh lining that improves its breathability and features Velcro-securing internal pockets. The collars and cuffs are featured with padded 3D mesh for excellent breathability and comfortable edges due to neoprene. For better aerodynamic and ventilation performance, the jacket consists of a MotoGP profiled, perforated back hump

Impact for Protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: Removable CE level 1 certified bio armour protector.
  • Chest: PE padding in the chest compartment (Alpinestars bionic chest pads available).
  • Back: Multiple snap button system to integrate the level 2 CE certified Alpinestars bionic back protector.

Alpinestars Phantom

Alpinestars Phantom Leather Pyrite Riding Jacket

Alpinestars Phantom is premium level leather riding jacket that has flexible leather accordion stretch inserts on back and elbows for a highly contoured fit and performance comfort. It is constructed with a highly supple leather that has excellent abrasion resistance. The front and rear panels are densely perforated and are reinforced with padding for best fit. It has small hump to improve aerodynamics and ventilation performance. In order to provide the rider with an amazing range of movement, the Phantom is integrated with extensive aramid stretch panels on underarms and waist.

Impact for Protection:

  • Shoulder: It has a CE level 1 certified new shoulder protection system that features a strategically placed, dual-density carbon fibre compound clavicle and shoulder sliders that are securely incorporated into an integrated silicon based injection-moulded cup for unsurpassed impact, abrasion resistance and structural integrity.
  • Elbow: It consists of a CE certified dual-density carbon fibre compound elbow sliders on a silicon-reinforced cup for impact and abrasion resistance and structural integrity.
  • Chest: There are chest compartments to upgrade to CE certified Alpinestars bionic chest protectors
  • Back: It has a new versatile snap connection system which is mounted on Velcro® to allow integration of various Alpinestars back protectors, including the CE-certified Bionic Race Back Protector.

Alpinestars GP Plus R

Alpinestars GP Plus R Perforted Leather Black White Red Jacket

The Alpinestars GP Plus R is cut from the same cloth as Alpinestars’ premium race suits. This jacket offers riders premium protection, fit and performance. Its made of highly durable leather and has multi-panel construction for superb abrasion resistance and is reinforced with stitching for optimum tear resistance at the event of an impact. It has an excellent fit and optimized for all styles of riding due to its advanced microfiber stretch inserts on the rear. The stretch panels are also present on the elbows for a greater range of movements. It has a dynamic flow control system of ventilation on the shoulders to allow efficient flow of interior temperature. The collar is constructed with a soft 3D mesh for improved breathability and comfort. It has waterproof interior pocket to place documents and internal compartment pockets feature VELCRO® brand closures for additional security.

Impact for protection:

  • Chest and Back: The chest and back compartments come with CE certified PE padding

Alpinestars Devon

Alpinestars Devon Leather Black White Riding Jacket

The Alpinestars Devon is primarily constructed with extremely resilient, full-grain leather for outstanding abrasion resistance. It is strengthened due to multiple stitching for top-quality tear resistance in the situation associated with an impact. The poly fabric stretch panels are strategically placed on the underarm and back for outstanding fit while riding. It consists of multi-panel lining combined with outer stretch locations to provide more freedom for movement.

Impact for Protection:

  • Shoulder and Elbow: It has detachable CE approved inner shoulder and elbow protectors.
  • Chest and Back: The chambers are furnished with detachable comfort poly-foam (Upgrade to CE certified nucleon protectors is possible).


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