Riding a bike can be the most thrilling experience for any passionate rider and it comes without saying that a good quality, stylish helmet can go a long way with your riding experience. It’s important to understand why bikers need to use a good quality helmet. A good quality helmet has a hard outer shell and a strong lining that cushions the head upon collision and reduces the severity of the head injury by many folds. This is why it’s important to encourage yourselves and your biker buddies to opt for good quality helmets for a safer riding experience.

Choosing the right helmet with the right features and the right price can be a very tedious job. Lucky for you, we have got it covered. We have made a list of the best helmets and divided them into 3 different categories based on their prices and to make things even easier, we have specified their special features. Here are the categories:

  • Best Helmets Under Rs.10000
  • Best Helmets between Rs.10000 and Rs.20000
  • Best Helmets between Rs.20000 and Rs.35000

With this article, you will have a better understanding of your budget needs, best helmet brands, helmet that suits your bike and other accessories that you may need for your helmets.

Best Helmets Under Rs.10000


HJC CL 17 Arica MC1SF Matt Black Red Full Face Helmet1

HJC CL-17, a full face HJC helmet, stands out to be one of the best helmets of this category. It is available in India in different graphic models like Arica, Streamline, Striker, Void etc. What makes it stand out from the rest of the helmets in this category is the fact that it is SNELL certified and is available at Rs.8999.

Special Features

  • Highly comfortable with superior fit.
  • Designed with advanced ventilation channels to keep you cool in summers.
  • It comes with a Pinlock-ready face shield for a fog free riding experience.
  • The strap is a double D-ring closure.
  • A SNELL certified helmet.


HJC CS 15 Treague MC1SF Matt Black Grey Red Full Face Helmet 1

HJC CS-15 is much similar to HJC CL-17, but does not come with a sun visor. Although this model of HJC is not SNELL certified, it has a 4-star rating from SHARP. This HJC helmet is available in India in stylish graphic designs named as Trion, Toni Elias, Space, Stormtrooper at Rs.6999.

Special Features

  • Highly comfortable with great superior fit.
  • Advanced channelling system
  • The helmet is Pinlock ready
  • Its certified from ECE 22.05 and rated 4 stars from SHARP.
  • It has quick release system for its strap.

Bell Qualifier

Bell Qualifier Flare Gloss Black Grey Full Face Helmet

Bell Qualifier is a full face helmet model available in India that comes with great features all prices within Rs10000. It has speaker pockets to connect any bluetooth devices. It’s deadly design along with creative graphics makes it stand out among the other helmet brands. The Bell Qualifier helmet models that come under this price are Torque, Scorch, Integrity, Blaze and are priced at Rs.8999

Special Features

  • Great comfort with superior fit.
  • Adjustable ventilation system for cooling.
  • Speaker Pockets to connect any bluetooth devices.
  • Anti-fog, Anti-scratch and UV protected shield.
  • It has D-ring closure strap.
  • ECE 22.05 certified.

LS2 FF320

LS2 FF320 Velvet Gloss Black Red Full Face Helmet

LS2 Helmets of FF320 model is a great helmet that comes with power packed features. It is designed to suit a wide variety of bikers and their need. LS2 helmets are available in great graphic designs like Stinger, Bang, Velvet, Vantage etc. in India at Rs.5600.

Special Features

  • The helmet has drop down sun visor.
  • It has polycarbonate type shell.
  • It comes with Pinlock ready.
  • The FF320 has a single chin vent and twin forehead vent.
  • It has quick release strap system.
  • This LS2 helmet is ECE 22.05 certified and rated 3 from SHARP.

LS2 FF324


LS2 flip up helmet is of the model FF324 and is available in India at Rs.8500.  It is available in Matt Black and Fluorescent Yellow. This helmet will be perfect for those bikers who find it uncomfortable to wear a full face helmet all the time.

Special Features

  • Modern Flip Up helmet with optimal fit and great comfort.
  • It has an integrated sun visor.
  • Visor is anti-scratch and anti-fog treated.
  • It has an adjustable and additional ventilation for maximum air flow.
  •  ECE certified.

LS2 MX470

LS2 MX470 Subverter Nimble Matt Black White Green Motocross Helmet

For all the dirt bikers out there, LS2 MX470 is the best motocross helmet for you under Rs10000. The helmet has a polycarbonate shell type with a matte finish. This Motocross helmet is specifically for the Off-Road enthusiasts. It is available in stylish and eye catchy designs at Rs.9250.

Special Features

  • Laser cut foam padding with comfortable fit for off road biking.
  • Visors are anti-scratch and ant-fog.
  • It has Pinlock ready.
  • It has an emergency release system for your safety.
  • Multichannel ventilation system to keep you cool
  •  ECE 22.05 and DOT certified.

LS2 FF352

LS2 FF352 Stroke Matt Black Fluorescent Yellow Full Face Helmet

FF352 is a standard but a great helmet that deserves a special mention, since it is one of the fastest selling helmet in India under Rs.10000. It is both ECE certified. Bikers opt this helmet due to its best budget, great comfort level and compatibility. It is available in great graphics like Trooper, Tron, Sprint and Airflow priced at Rs.4750.

Special Features

  • Thick comfort lining making it highly comfortable and very safe.
  • It has polycarbonate shell type with a gloss finish.
  • Standard ventilation system.
  •  ECE certified.

Best Helmets between Rs.10000 and Rs.20000


HJC FGST Crono MC7SF Matt Black Orange Full Face Helmet

HJC FGST is one of the best helmets in this price range. It is a well-built full-face helmet made from advance fibre glass material and it is packed with powerful features. This helmet is defined for its sturdiness and compatible fit. It is available in great graphic designs and is priced at Rs.15999.

Special Features

  • Sturdy build with great comfort level, compatible fit and two sizes outer shell.
  • Moisture free and odour free liners.
  • Removable and washable cheek pads and crown.
  • Advanced Ventilation system to drive out heat and humidity.
  • Glass grooves and pinlock prepared shield.
  • It has double D-ring retention system.
  •  ECE certified.


Hjc Fg 17 Toba Mc1 Gloss Red Full Face Helmet 1

Another amazing helmet from HJC in this category is FG 17. The HJC FG 17 has a race ready look with amazing graphic designs and is priced at Rs.15999. It is ECE certified full face helmet. It is good quality full face helmet with great reliability and safety.

Special features

  • It is made of advance fibreglass shell type that is developed using CAD technology and has two sizes outer shell.
  • Cheek pads are replaceable, washable and interchangeable with all sizes.
  • Best comfort and superior fit.
  • Great Ventilation system to allow heat and humidity out.
  • Pinlock ready and glass grooves.
  • It has double D-ring retention system.
  • ECE certified.


HJC IS Max 2 Mine Matt Black Flip Up Helmet 1

HJC IS MAX 2 is a flip up helmet and is one of the best helmets of this category with power packed features. This modular helmet from HJC is for those who do like to wear full face helmet all the time. The flip up helmet is made from polycarbonate material making it strong and safe. It has an attractive sporty look and is available in different colors priced at Rs.15999.

Special Features

  • It is made of advance polycarbonate shell type.
  • Highly comfortable with superior fit.
  • It has an optically superior pin lock prepared anti-scratch and anti-fog visor.
  • It has an adjustable polycarbonate chin bar that can also accessed by only one hand with/without gloves.
  • Advanced channelling system to let the heat and humidity out.
  • It has built in speaker pockets for bluetooth communications
  • It has glass grooves with removable and washable nylex interior.


AGV K 1 Top Dreamtime Gloss White Yellow Blue Full Face Helmet

If you are interested in an Italian manufacturer who are known for their best quality work and trsuted by the legendary Moto GP racer Valentiono Rossi, then AGV is the best choice for you. AGV is one of the best brands in this price category is the perfect example of how to perfectly mix style and sturdiness in a helmet.The K1 is a full face helmet available is beautiful designs and graphics like Pitlane, Dreamtime, Winter etc. AGV K1 is priced between Rs.13500 and Rs.18500.

Special Features

  • Aerodynamic shape with air vents developed for racing.
  • Engineered aero spoiler helps boost performance.
  • Great comfort ability and perfect fit.
  • It has a panoramic anti-scratch visor.
  • Dry comfort fabric ready for any communication.
  • Removable wind protector is available along with a double D-Ring strap.
  • Integrated spoiler pin lock ready fitted with visor
  • Central Air system to allow superior air flow.
  • It is an ECE certified helmet.

Bell Revolver Evo

bell revolver evo optimus hi viz helmet

Bell Revolver Evo is a modular helmet made of poly carbonate composites. This flip up helmet will be useful particularly for those who are uncomfortable with wearing full face helmet. The Bell Revolver Evo has improved features with a truly classy flip up style that bikers would want to get their hands on. Bell modular helmets are available in great designs and graphics priced at Rs.14000 and Rs.16000.

Special Features

  • The helmet has contoured cheek pads.
  • It has polycarbonate shell type with a glossy finish.
  • The Bell Revolver Evo is integrated with speaker pockets.
  • It has padded chin strap along with a D-Ring closure.
  • The comfort liner is removable and washable.
  • It is an ECE certified helmet.

Bell MX-9

Bell Mx 9 Adventure Mips Torch Gloss Fluorescent Orange Motocross Helmet 2

Dual sport Bikers have who are big fans of Bell can have a go at the Bell MX-9. Bell has been able to develop a classy motocross helmet with their MX-9. It’s a lightweight helmet made of poly carbonate materials that gives this helmet the strength that it requires. The dual sport helmet comes with attractive and eye catchy designs that makes it one of a kind. This helmet is priced at Rs.16999

Special Features

  • It is made of light weight poly carbonate material.
  • Removable and washable interior.
  • The padded chin strap is a D-Ring closure.
  • The ventilation system to allow maximum cooling.
  • It has a dual layer of electrically heated which is UV- protected, anti-scratch, anti-fog and is distortion free.
  • The MX-9 is ECE certified.

Bell Qualifier DLX

bell qualifier dlx blackout helmet matte black

The Full Face helmet from in this category is Bell Qualifier DLX. It has a sleek and a powerful design separates it from the other full face helmet of the same category. The feature that stands out for this helmet is its visor which is both anti-fog and UV protected. It starts at Rs.12500 and ranges till Rs.18000.

Special Features

  • It is made of lightweight poly carbonate.
  • The helmet is very comfortable and has a superior fit.
  • It has a click release feature for faster, easier and tool free removal of the shield.
  • Visor is anti-scratch, ant-fog and UV protected.
  • Ventilation system has a velocity flow feature to allow maximum cooling.
  • The comfort liner is removable and washable.
  • It is ECE certified helmet

LS2 FF323

LS2 FF323 Arrow C Solid Full Face Gloss Black Helmet

This is a full face helmet from LS2 and is perfect for bikers who need a sporty look for their bikes. The sporty look offered by the FF323 along with creative graphics makes it a great competitor for this category. LS2 was able to make a track helmet with FF323 is priced between Rs.13500 and Rs.17500.

Special Features

  • LS2 visors built with3 D capacity and offers distortion free experience with high clarity.
  • Great comfort, high protection and superior fit.
  • Dynamic flow-through ventilation that offers cool and comfortable ride.
  • A fully adjustable intake ports and vented EPS work.
  • ECE certified.

LS2 FF397 Carbon

LS2 FF397 Carbon Vector C Class Matt Full Face Helmet

LS2 397 Carbon is a full face helmet meant for sport touring riders. With this helmet, LS2 was able to develop a light weight helmet with a sleek and bold design .The helmet is highly safe, comfortable and has a superior fit with a Class A optically correct visor. The helmet also has an integral sun visor with a great visor system. Riders can get this helmet at Rs.17800.

Special Features

  • Its a carbon fiber shelled full face helmet.
  • There is great flexibility with the lid.
  • It has single chin vent along with two position sliders and a crown vent.
  • There is a single rear exhaust port for the stale air to exit the helmet.
  • It comes with a Class A optically correct visor which means that it is completely distortion free
  • It is an ECE certified helmet

Fly Racing Toxin

Fly Racing Toxin MIPS Embargo Gloss Green Black Motocross Helmet

Fly Racing Toxin is another great motocross helmet that dirt bikers can opt for in the same category. This motocross helmet is packed with great style and functionality. It is durable and is made from light weight poly carbonate with a great ventilation system. What’s great about Fly Helmets is that they have True Functional Ventilation (TFV) system that forces air to exit through multiple rear exhaust vents. This feature packed helmet is priced at Rs.14999.

Special Features

  • The Toxin is durable light weight polymer shell.
  • It is very comfortable and has great fit.
  • The helmet has a dual density polymer liner and custom rubber trim with integrated nose guard.
  • It has a removable and washable liner.
  • The cheek pad absorbs sweat while providing TFV ventilation system.
  • It is ECE and DOT certified.

Airoh Valor

Airoh Valor Commander White Blue Red Gloss Full Face Helmet

Airoh version of a full face helmet which falls in this category is Airoh Valor. This full face helmet is meant for sport bikers who need an aggressive and a bold look. The helmet is an advanced lightweight thermoplastic shell that is known for its best fit. It comes in great graphic designs and its price ranges between Rs.10699 and Rs.12999.

Special Features

  •  It has a thermoplastic HRT shell construction.
  • It is very comfortable and has a great fit with a bold look.
  • The hypoallergenic inner lining is removable and washable.
  • It has front, top and rear chin guard vents.
  • It has micro metric retention system.
  • The visor can be removed quickly without any tools.
  • It is pin lock ready.
  • It is ECE certified and ACU Gold approved.


Best Helmets between Rs20000 and Rs35000

Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS

BELL Qualifier DLX MIPS Illusion Matt Gloss Black Green Full Face Helmet SIDE

This is the best full face helmet from Bell in this price category. The Qualifier DLX MIPs is aggressively styled with creative graphics giving it an attractive and bold look that bikers need. the visor also comes with anti-scratch and anti-fog features. The helmet is available in different styles and is priced at Rs.21999.

Special Features

  • Great comfort and superior fit
  • Click release feature for quick, easy and tool free shield removal.
  • Visor is anti-scratch and anti-fog and UV protected.
  • The comfort liner is removable and washable.
  • Great ventilation system for maximum air cooling.
  • Its an ECE certified helmet.


agv k3 sv five continents helmet 1

AGV, an Italian manufacturer is known for making safe helmet with really creative graphic designs that is unique and eye catchy. The full face helmet is designed to boost performance and is inspired from racing helmets. It is strong and sturdy helmet and is available in different designs like Soleluna, Balloon, Winter etc. and they are priced between Rs.21499 and Rs.25499.

Special Features

  • Aerodynamic shell shape is optimized for stability.
  • It has great comfort level and superior fit
  • The ventilation system is designed and optimized in a wind tunnel.
  • The visor is GT2 scratch resistant, anti-fog and 100% UV protected.
  • Removable breath deflector with wind proof chin strap protection.
  • It has a fully removable 3D liner and cheek pads are sanitized from comfort fabric.
  • It is an ECE certified helmet.


AGV K5 S Multi PLK FireFace Matt Black Red Full Face Helmet

AGV was able to top its predecessor model K3 SV with its brilliantly designed AGV K5. This helmet stands out to be one of the best helmets of this category. This stylish helmet is designed for riders who love speed and are fond to have a sporty and deadly look while riding. Like the other AGV helmets, K5 also comes with attractive and eye catchy designs that grabs the attention of the onlooker. This power packed helmet is priced between Rs.31499 and Rs.34499.

Special Features

  • Innovative comfort lining with moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties.
  • External shell is constructed from Carbon Fibreglass.
  • Ventilation system consists of one chin guard vent, 2 front air vents and an air extractor with rear on/off switch.
  • Rear spoiler integrated into the shell profile.
  • Crown pad and cheek pad are made with great quality fabric with sanitized anti-bacterial treatment, 2Dry moisture-wicking, and Micro-sense treatments.
  • The face shield is pin lock ready and is scratch and fog resistant and has 100% UV protection.
  • It consists of a integrated scratch resistant sun visor that can be removed and replaced easily without the use of any tools.


HJC RPHA 11 Oraiser MC4HSF Fluorescent Yellow Full Face Helmet

The HJC RPHA 11 is a top of the line helmets from HJC. This full face helmet is the flagship helmet of HJC and is guaranteed to give best performance at high speeds. Bikers who are fans of HJC and love to adapt a racing lifestyle should have a go with this flagship helmet. It is the best helmet from HJC in this price category. It comes with stylish, race inspired designs. The price starts at Rs.30000 and can go up till Rs.35000.

Special Features

  • The shell structure is made of premium integrated matrix and designed for extreme performance at high speeds.
  • A wider eye port provides a better peripheral vision for riders.
  • Shell is designed for optimum ventilation and advance channelling system helps in driving out heat and humidity.
  • The shield dual shock system is enhanced for high speed racing conditions.
  • There are built in speaker pockets for communication.
  • There are emergency cheek pads for safety and quick rescue.
  • The helmet includes both clear and dark smoke shields and an anti-fog insert lens.


LS2 FF313

LS2 FF313 Vortex Solid Matt Carbon Flipup Helmet

For all the bikers who aren’t the biggest fans of full face helmets and find it uncomfortable, LS2 offers you with a flip up helmet in this category with FF313.  LS2 FF313 is the new incredible flip up helmet that reaches and goes beyond the standards of elegance and comfort. It is a very classy helmet with amazing features and is priced at Rs.26000.

Special Features

  • It is made from 100% carbon fibre and the same material is used in Formula 1 and Moto GP.
  • The visors are built with 3D optically correct Class A polycarbonate that offers a distortion free experience.
  • The visor is anti-scratch, anti-fog and 100% UV protected.
  • The helmet has a dynamic flow-through ventilation system that allows the heat and humidity to exit through allowing maximum cooling.

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