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Brake pads are those invisible heroes in our motorcycles that protect us from unwanted road accidents and huge payoffs simply by 6 inches. The fear of scratching a brand-new car that swirled right in front of you from the wrong direction vanishes just with the help of a good-quality brake pad.

Now brake pads are made out of different materials, which perform different functions and help the rider generally. Also, it depends upon the convenience and likes of different people.

Some riders prefer a low stopping power with a noticeable fade out and some the total opposite, and a brake pad made out of good material can assure both according to the rider.

There are three types of material used for brake pads, sintered, organic, and semi-sintered. The sintered brakes are made from metal and ceramic packed with resin in a dense pad to provide good stopping power.

Organic pads are made from carbon, ceramic, and others that are old use now and can also cause abrasion, whereas semi-sintered pads are a mixture of organic and sintered pads that fall somewhere between.