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Track & Race Riding Boots

Track and race riding boots are specialized motorcycle boots designed for high-performance riding on the track or during racing events. They are typically made from high-quality materials that offer maximum protection, durability, and comfort for riders during high-speed maneuvers and aggressive riding.

Some key features of track and race riding boots may include:

  1. Hardshell Construction: Track and race riding boots often feature a hardshell construction made of materials such as reinforced leather, microfiber, or other sturdy materials that provide excellent protection against impact, abrasion, and torsion.

  2. Ankle Support and Flexibility: These boots often have built-in ankle support in the form of ankle cups or braces that provide stability and protection to the ankle joint during high-speed riding. They may also have flex zones to allow for natural movement while maintaining support.

  3. Toe Sliders: Toe sliders are typically found on the front of the boots and are designed to provide additional protection to the toes and allow for smooth sliding during cornering and racing maneuvers.

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