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AXOR Helmets

AXOR started its journey in the year 2015 with the collaboration of international designers and expertise in the industry. Their motorcycle helmets are conceptualized and designed in Italy while exclusively promoted by the pioneers of the industry, Vega, India.

These Motorcycle helmets were created for premium riding customers with high end products while keeping it cost effective yet not compromising on the quality and safety standards of the helmets. The brand has a wide variety of motorcycle helmets ranging from full face to open face in different graphics.

AXOR Full Face Helmets

AXOR full face helmets are made up of polycarbonate material with a double d ring secure fit. It also comes with integrated Spoiler for streamlined presentation & stability at high speed. It’s also equipped with Anti-Fog pin-lock system. For the maximum rider’s safety, the dual EPS liner of a helmet is designed to fit the head perfectly to absorb the energies of an impact and avoid penetration. The helmets are ECE, DOT and ISI certified. Helmet models like AXOR XBHP, Retro Dominator, Rage python are Apex Hunter are available in India. The best selling among these is the AXOR Venomous helmet.

AXOR Open Face Helmets

open face helmets are specifically designed for traditional engines such as choppers, bobbers, cafe-racers, and many more. These helmets are incorporated with modern safety and advanced safety standards. It’s made from the light weight carbon fiber material with a double d ring for secure fit. The popular models among rider’s are Retro Jet and striker. All these helmets are ISI, ECE and DOT certified.