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RS Taichi is a brand from Japan that stands on experience of some top racers that aims to share the joy of the road with all motorcyclists. With a wide range of innovative products that have the best functionality and design.

A brand of countless innovations, it offers passionate bikers with several riding gear categories to choose from, like – RS Taichi jackets, gloves, body suits, and boots.

The brand always works efficiently from a rider’s perspective while always keeping one step ahead, Taichi strives to make the best gear to support all riders.

RS Taichi also makes sure to stay ahead of their competition in terms of innovation and technological advancements with protectors designed to reduce the risk of fatalities in the case of an accident.

Their specialty lies in producing well-fitting protectors which provide freedom of movement via a combination of thin and light materials rather than protectors of the past that used thickness to provide safety.

The brand keeps in mind a wide range of needs and opinions of riders then develops products that have superior functionality as compared to others which is possible only because they were able to relate to their riders, by being interested in bike riding themselves.

These products are lightweight and yet well protected, absorb sudden jolts and shocks, and by being lightweight it also makes it easier for movement, especially while riding a motorbike.

The speciality of the brand lies in its techology driven products, which try to provide its riders whith the best of experience

RS Taichi Drymaster Explorer & a new edition Drymaster Kompass are the popular adventure riding jackets.