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Winglets are the latest technology making space in the two-wheeler industry, it is more like an upside-down wing attached on the sides of many newer model motorcycles.

Winglets have been vital in sportscars for a long time and recently it has entered the two-wheeler, which has shown the previously smooth sides of bikes like Ducati growing pairs of wings much more than flights.

The main functions of the winglets are to improve the traction of the motorcycle by increasing its downforce and improving the cornering ability of the vehicle. It contributes to the braking effect by acting as an air brake when the drag on the winglet is maximum.

It works by reducing power enough that the front end falls back onto the pavement. Reducing power slows the bike's acceleration ultimately preventing the rider from any freak accident due to brake issues.

Bikes with aerodynamic features are the best for bikers who like to take long trips on narrow winding roads which can be slippery. The air brake technique coupled with a good grip system will result in preventing any uncomfortable situation.