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Levers are those unknown and under-appreciated parts of a bike that goes highly unnoticed as people do not understand the importance of these hidden parts. 

A lever helps in facilitating brakes in a bike, and brakes handle the whole essence of speed in a bike, riding slow or fast depends on how you apply your brakes. If by chance, God forbids your brakes to stop working there is a high possibility of meeting with an accident that could prove to be lethal.

These levers work in a truly amazing way by transmitting the pressure from hand brakes by hydraulic forces and performing a series of mechanical tasks which bring the bike to a stop or decrease speed.  

Levers and brakes go hand in hand, the kind of levers you need highly depends on the kind of brakes your motorcycle has, according to which these utilities can be modified to increase or decrease different features. 

Some of the best levers available in India for bikes are - Evotech Performance Short Clutch and Brake Lever, BMW M Series Clutch Lever, and LighTech Magnesium Folding Brake & Clutch Lever. 

It’s very essential to keep your levers in order, checking them from time to time for mechanical defaults and greasing them. On failing to do so your bike could misbehave and cause accidents.