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A handlebar is an accessory not many people know they need, especially if you are a motorcyclist who likes to go out on long drives, far-off trips, and biking expeditions once in a while.

It is the perfect solution to all problems a biker faces while riding a bike. Our mobile phones constitute a large part of our lives and, even if we want to, we cannot disconnect ourselves entirely.

Especially when one is on an adventure trip stating many reasons such as safety, communication, and capturing all the moments which stay with us for a lifetime. But carrying a mobile phone along is not only a hassle while driving but it also runs a risk of falling off the bike while riding or getting soaked in the rain.

To eliminate all such risks and provide a stress-free and seamless journey all through, this handlebar is manufactured which is equipped to mounting bracket that can be fixed on a circular handlebar with a diameter of 30 mm.

Also, as the bracket is articulated, the holder can be moved and rotated in various directions according to the comfort and needs of the biker.

The simple design of the model makes it easier to use and trustworthy as well, it saves mobile phones against all kinds of conditions and situations, while making sure that it doesn't fall off and gets damaged while driving.