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IXON Riding Pants


The IXON Cooler Textile Black Riding Pants are designed to offer both comfort and functionality for motorcycle riders. With their ventilated design, morpho concept technology, and protective features, these pants are ideal for warm weather riding.

One of the standout features of the Cooler Textile Riding Pants is their ventilation system, with large mesh panels on the front and back that provide excellent airflow to keep you cool during hot rides. This helps to prevent overheating and allows for a more enjoyable riding experience, especially in warm weather conditions.

The pants also feature IXON's Morpho Concept Technology, which allows them to be adapted to any shape. This means that riders of different body types can find a comfortable fit with these pants, ensuring maximum comfort during long rides.

The IXON Ambitious Sports Textile Black Riding Pants are designed for riders who demand performance and style in their motorcycle gear. These pants are packed with features that make them ideal for sports and performance riding.

The mesh panels on the Ambitious Sports Textile Riding Pants provide excellent ventilation, keeping riders cool during hot rides and allowing for maximum breathability. The removable waterproof and breathable insert with a zip ensures that riders stay dry in wet conditions, while the removable zipped winter lining provides insulation during colder rides, making these pants suitable for year-round riding.


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