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Raida Riding Pants

The Raida Rover Riding Pants - a well-ventilated, mid-weight touring riding pant designed to excel in a wide range of climates. These pants are crafted with rider comfort and protection in mind, making them ideal for limitless adventures on the road. Made with high-quality materials and designed for a natural riding position, Raida Rover Riding Pants are equipped with a range of features to enhance your riding experience.

One of the key features of the Raida Rover Riding Pants is their ventilation system. With large vents on the front of the thighs and calves, these pants allow maximum airflow to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your ride, regardless of the weather conditions. This makes them perfect for touring in various climates.

In terms of protection, Raida Rover Riding Pants come with the highest level of CE approved protection for the knees and hips, with Safe-Tech CE Level 2 armor. Additionally, the pants feature a Soft Padded Protector for the tailbone, ensuring comprehensive protection for vital areas during your ride. 

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