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SW Motech Drybags

SW-Motech is a well-known brand that offers a range of drybags for motorcycle riders. SW-Motech drybags are designed to be durable, waterproof, and highly functional for storing and protecting gear during motorcycle trips, especially in wet weather conditions.

The SW Motech Drybag 350 is perfect for any riding conditions, whether you're going on a long touring trip or just heading out for a day of adventure riding. With its 35 liters of storage capacity, you'll have plenty of space to pack your gear, clothes, and other essentials. The welded tarpaulin construction ensures that your belongings stay dry, even in heavy rain or splashes from off-road riding.

The SW Motech Drybag 450 is a high-quality drybag that offers 40 liters of storage capacity, making it perfect for motorcycle riders who need ample space for their gear. Made from welded tarpaulin material, the Drybag 450 is 100% waterproof, ensuring that your belongings stay dry in any weather conditions.

Featuring a roll-top closure system, the Drybag 450 creates a watertight seal, keeping water out and protecting your gear from moisture. The roll-top closure also allows for easy access to your belongings, making it convenient to pack and unpack your gear.